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Fiqah means to follow the order (Ahkam) of Allah Almighty. The purpose of the creation of the human beings is to worship Allah and to follow the instructions of Him. Islam teaches us we are not for this tenmporary world because we are not made for this world, our actual life is after the death (Akhirat). This life is exam for us that who does follow the Ahkam of Allah and who does not. It is compulsory for all Muslims to acquire the knowledge and understand the Ahkam of Allah..

Our aim is not only earning money but we guide our students to the right way, the way which make them a True Muslim. The job is not done by finishing Holy Quran, you should have to be a good Muslim by knowing the Shia Islamic Fiqh Online.

We tell our student about the Islamic problems (Masa’iL) with their solutions. We make them identify about what is Halal for us? and what is Haram for us? Which act is obligatory (Wajib)on us? and which act is Recommended (Mustahab) for us.

Our students are well aware of all these things are they aplly these rules on their lives. We also tell our students about How to do Ghussal (Bathing), Ablution and tell them How to perform their Prayers (Namaz) etc. We elaborate the rulings of the Islamic Shari’ah regarding problems and calamities faced by Muslims.

Shia Islamic Fiqh Online
Imam Ali (A.S)

Anyone Who Follows Islam Without the Knowledge of Fiqh is on the Right Path but is Going in the Wrong Direction.

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