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Online Quran Classes for Kids from Shia Quran Teachers

Shia Quran Teachers is providing best Shia Quran Teaching online services for Quran education to the Shia Muslim Students around the World. Our aim is to provide the quality education to our students. We are assisting the Shia Muslim children to learn the Holy Quran easily at home around the Globe. We providing the following courses:

  • Quran Reading

  • Quran Translation

  • Quran Memorization

  • Quran with Tafseer

  • Islamic Fiqah

Our Teachers

Teacher plays a key role in learning. If teacher is well-educated and have the experience of teacher, then there is nothing difficult to learn .We have Qualified and Experienced teachers to teach you the Holy Quran in an easy way.
teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge, we have been given by others with hope that some day in some way it again will be passed on

Why Us

  • Qualified and Experienced Teachers
  • Learn the Holy Quran at Home
  • Female Teachers
  • Affordable Fee
  • Get 2 Days Free Trail Class

Best Online Shia Quran Academy

It is a religious duty of every Muslim to not only read and learn Quran, but also shape one’s life according to the teachings and guidelines of Quran and Sunnah. It is very necessary for every one of us to read Quran and understand it properly, so that we may be able to adopt the values that lead us towards the righteous paths. There are multiple ways to learn Quran correctly for a comprehended understanding, and Online Quran Teaching is one of them. Apart from many applications, where you can read Quran with translation and interpretation, there are also at Shia Quran Teachers that have learned scholars being appointed specially to teach Quran through proper classes and courses. The best part about online Quran teaching and learning is that you are not bound to follow a schedule; you can, instead, read and learn Quran at any time of the day according to your own feasibility.

Shia Quran Teaching

Quran, being a book of Allah, is sacred and meaningful for every Muslim, no matter to which sect the one may belong. Yet if people of a sect wish to learn Quran from the scholars of their own sect then it is also not a problem anymore. Shia Quran Teachers provides you with the opportunity to get Shia Quran Teaching from the renowned scholars and teachers belonging to the Shia sect. So, a lot of Shia people interact online to avail the chance of Shia Quran Teaching, where people are enrolled as students in proper classes for the courses they opt for. In addition to offering various courses of Quran learning, teachings on Sunnah and other moral values are also given in Shia Quran Teachers.

Online Quran Classes

Shia Quran Teachers teaches Quran and Sunnah work in a specific manner. It has certain learned and experienced Shia scholars and teachers who teach through proper classes and give detailed lectures and lessons to their students. Many different courses are offered in our academy and separate classes are organized for each course. The classes are conducted through Skype and other such sources, where people of almost every age group can avail the opportunity to read and learn Quran. The lessons are given in English and Urdu as well, alongside Arabic, to make people understand every meaning of Quran.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

People of almost every age can benefit from the opportunity to Learn Quran Online. Men, women and kids, the online Quran teaching is equally valuable for everyone. Special Online Quran Classes for Kids are organized, where they are given the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah in a manner which is easy to understand for them. Shia Quran Teachers is articulated in a lighter mood by the tutors, where they transmit that knowledge in the form of stories and tales to make it easy yet influencing for the kids. The kids are also made to memorize little verses of Quran one by one, so that they may not find the memorization of Quran a difficult task.

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